Automated Valuation Reports are no longer available from Terranet. Please visit to purchase an alternative report.

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What’s My House Worth?

Need to make informed decisions on buying or selling New Zealand property? offers instant online access to comprehensive, up-to-date official property information in a single website, without any set up costs. You can register free and then only pay for the information you receive.

Make Informed Property Decisions

Because you are making critical decisions on buying and selling property, don’t risk leaving any stone unturned.

Find out who owns a property, its Rateable Value, the price it last sold for, and what other properties in your area are selling for. Search on a specific property using street address, owner name, title reference or legal description.

Choose from a comprehensive suite of reports and information, including:

  • A real-time valuation estimate of any residential property
  • Comparable sales and recent sales reports
  • Rating valuation information and sales histories
  • Aerial photographs showing the legal boundaries of properties
  • Certificates of Title and other legal documents
  • Building consents issued on houses in the area, including their value
  • Suburb and community reports including local school zones
  • Up-to-date market rent information - great for your rental property!

Try Terranet now

Terranet will provide a smarter, faster, and more cost effective means to obtain the property information you need. Try it now and see for yourself.


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