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How to search

How to order a report

How to order a legal document

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How to search

Start typing an address into the search box on the home page. As you type, matching properties will appear narrowing down your search until you can select the property you want.

Tip: Log into your account first to search by owner, title, valuation reference, or legal description.

Problems with Search

If you cannot find a property:

  • Check which search option (above the search box) is selected, e.g. address, owner, title etc.
  • Skip entering any unit or suburb details and just enter the address.
  • Search using the property’s primary address. E.g. a corner property may have an address on both streets.

Tip: Check that you have the right property by looking at the small aerial and map images. Click on an image to enlarge it and view a wider area.

Address Search

Address searching is the most common type of search. Enter the address details as you would expect to see them. For example:

  • 275 Cuba Street
  • Vulcan Lane

The address search function searches address, region and search type. E.g.

    10 Sample Street, Mysuburb, Anytown Canterbury Address

Tip: Use the search button to get a complete list of results and restrict the results to a single land district.

Owner Search

Owner searches will display the name, partial address, region and type of owner. E.g.

    SMITH, JOHN JAMES Sample Street, Mysuburb, Anytown Canterbury Owner
    SMITH, JOHN JACK Old Street, Mysuburb, Anytown Canterbury Prior Owner
    JOHN SMITH LTD, Main Street, Mysuburb Anytown Canterbury Corp.Owner

The different types of owner are:

    Corporate Owner (Corp. Owner)
    Prior Owner

You can search for owners using any of the following formats:

  • Firstname lastname
  • Firstname middlename lastname
  • Lastname, firstname middlename
  • Company name

Tip: Use the search button to get a complete list of results and restrict the results in order to see just the current owners, or just the prior owners.

Title Search

Titles prove the ownership of land, and the rights and restrictions that apply to that parcel of land.

Title searches will display the title, partial address, region and search type. E.g.

    12345 Sample Street, Anytown Canterbury Title

Tip: The reference number for a title is called an "identifier". It may also be called a Certificate of Title number or a CT number. They look like "386573" on more recent titles or "WN123/115" on older titles.

Valuation Reference Search

Valuation references are unique nationwide, and provide a fast and accurate search.

Valuation searches will display the valuation reference, partial address, region and search type. E.g.

    123/45678 Sample Street, Anytown Canterbury Valuation

Legal Description Search

All land has a legal description associated with it, which is also known as an appellation or lot number.

You can search by the full length legal description, e.g. LOT 1 DP 3240, or by the plan type and code, e.g. DP 3240 (note the spaces in both examples). Results may be displayed with the parcel ID, title, and partial address. All results will show the land district and search type.

    LOT 1 DP 2345 parcel id, Sample Street, Anytown Canterbury Legal Desc
    LOT 2 DP 2345 Canterbury Legal Desc

How to order a report

You can order a report after finding a property. Please note that not all reports are available for all properties.

Tip: Take advantage of the sample reports and documents on Terranet. Identifying which reports contain the information you require will save you time and money.

The processing of ordering a report is different for pay-as-you-go customers and corporate customers.

Pay-as-you-go users:

The Add to Basket button allows you to select multiple reports at once, which may be from several properties. You can also remove reports from your basket before you reach the check out and make a purchase. The checkout page lets you pay by credit card via DPS PaymentExpress.

Corporate users:

Reports are available from the property page. Click the Purchase Now button next to the report you want. Terranet will create the report and allow you to view it or save it as a PDF.

How to order a legal document

There are 3 ways to order legal documents:

  1. Search for a property and you can order a legal document in the same way that a property report is ordered. You can use the ‘Order a Legal Document’ tab for this. Note that some properties will have multiple titles. Terranet will guide you through the process to order a minimal number of reports in to obtain the correct document.
  2. Enter the required details i.e. the document reference, document type, and land district into the Manual Document Order page.
  3. Order a document from a report (either the onscreen report or a PDF). Clicking order will automatically enter the required details into the Manual Document Order page as above.

Delivery Timeframes

You can upgrade your legal document order if you require it urgently. Urgent legal documents are usually delivered within 30 minutes of ordering.

Tip: If you find yourself needing to upgrade your orders regularly, you can set your preferences to default to urgent orders.

The Terralink document order team will process your order and email it to you within the requested timeframe. The ordered document will also be available on the web site for up to seven days.

Tip: Check the status of your orders at any time. Recently completed orders are also available here.

Order Status Types:

  1. Not Actioned
    • The order is either being processed, or is awaiting processing.
  2. Completed
    • Once your order is completed, your account will be charged.
  3. Archive Copy on Order
    • When a valid title or instrument is not in the LINZ Survey database, a manual request will be submitted to LINZ. The usual timeframe for receiving an archive copy is 2 to 3 business days.
  4. Special Search
    • The title or instrument is missing; a special search is being conducted at the request of the user.
    • The order will be processed if the search is successful.
  5. Document Reference Invalid
  6. This status is used if:
    • An incorrect reference is entered.
    • The order consists of a search type with an incorrect reference e.g. a title search type with an instrument reference (705151.1).
    • LINZ advises that the reference for a manual request is invalid.
    • A reference for a plan does not have a plan type, e.g. the search reference should be "DP 64315" instead of "64315."
    • The plan is not yet available.
  7. Document Missing
    • LINZ advises that the document is missing.
    • The order will not be processed.
  8. Cancelled Title
    • The title has been cancelled. A new one may have been issued.
    • The order will not be processed. If the title is still required, please re-order as Document Type: Historic Title.
  9. Cancelled Order
    • The customer has requested the order be cancelled.
  10. Department Dealing
    • The document requested is not a registered document, but one used by LINZ internally.
    • The order will not be processed.
  11. Pre-allocated Title
    • Pre-allocated title references are assigned at an early stage in the plan approval process in respect of allotments in new subdivisions where the new titles have yet to be issued.
    • A new title has been assigned, but is not yet available.
    • The order will not be processed.
  12. Pending Title
    • A new title is in the process of being created, but is not yet available.
    • The order will not be processed.
  13. Pending Dealing
    • A new instrument is in the process of being created, but is not yet available.
    • The order will not be processed.
  14. Double Order
    • Terralink has removed a duplicate order.
    • The order will not be processed.

Where does the data come from?

The title and survey data is collected and maintained by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). The sales and valuation data is collected and maintained by local authorities throughout the country.

How to add users

Corporate accounts can have multiple users, each with their own details and logins. The corporate administrator can add and delete users as desired. The administrator can check the spending of each user using the Account Transaction History page.

Tip: Set everyone up with a separate login. Shared accounts are insecure and can cost you money. Remove access when a person no longer requires it.

How to get more help

The Terranet helpdesk is available to help you Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. Call us on 0508-483772 or email us at


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