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Property Valuation Report

The Property Valuation Report provides the most recent Rateable Value (RV) on any property. It shows the location, legal description, and the land and improvement values that make up the valuation.
The Property Valuation Report provides detailed information about a property’s valuation assessment reference, location, legal description, value, improvements and land use. The Property Valuation Report will also give details on the number of parking spaces, floor and land area, the building age, construction and condition. These are the main details taken into consideration when a council reviews the valuation on a property.
The sales history is not provided in this report - see the Property Sales Report, or the Property Sales and Valuation Report for more information.

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Property Sales Report
The Property Sales Report provides the sales history of a property, including the Rateable Value at the time of sale.

Property Summary Report
The Property Summary Report provides a comprehensive property overview including the sales history, the valuation, the property title and title transactions, and any consents registered against a property.

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