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Survey plan

Survey Plans show the legal boundaries of properties, including the Appellation or legal description. An Appellation is the label for a piece of land e.g. 'Section 1 Block VII Mata Survey District' for Crown Land, or 'Kaiti 313A6B2' for Maori Land or 'LOT 1 DP 12345' for General Land.
Survey Plans show the area and dimensions of a property. They include the observations that the surveyor made or calculated to define the property boundaries. These observations are made in relation to the surrounding properties and to the survey network of known marks.
Types of Survey Plans include: Deposited Plans (DP), Survey Office plans (SO), and Maori Land plans (ML).
NOTE: If a land parcel has not been re-surveyed or had a new title issued post-1970, no Title or Survey Plan will be available and an Imperial Plan will be sent instead. Imperial plans were issued prior to 1970 and include only imperial measurements (acres, roods, perches etc).

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Survey Report
The Survey Report provides summary information on the survey carried out to define the property. All properties defined by the survey, underlying titles, and parent plans are identified.

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