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Up to 10 Recent Sales within 1km in the last 12 months

The Up to 10 Recent Sales Report provides a detailed list of up to ten of the most recent registered sales occurring within 1km of the searched property.
This report gives a snapshot of the current market, based on the neighbourhood or area of a selected property. It also provides the sales performance of relative properties within close proximity of a given property, giving an indication of how the local property market is performing.
Each listed address allows you to quickly link to additional reports for that property, and find out why one property might have sold for more than the others in the area.

Other Reports that might interest you:

Building Consents Report
Want to know why a property might have sold for more? The Building Consents Report provides information on any existing or pending registered alterations against the property and its neighbouring properties.

Property Finder Report
The Property Finder Report provides summary information about a parcel of land, most often used for clarifying the details on a property with multiple titles, ownership or valuations, such as cross-lease properties or apartment complexes.

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